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Privacy policy

We value your privacy We understand your need for privacy and we strongly believe that if you are protected so are we. However, in everything we do we have a transparent approach and transparency is key for us. Therefore we hope you understand and accept that on Tripper Ape everything is public. That means everything you post on Tripper Ape will be visible to everyone. Cookies We only use cookies to make the Tripper Ape website work. We do not keep cookies and do not use them in order to aggregate demographic and/or user behaviour statistics. Data availability We only have access to data explicitly provided by users directly on Tripper Ape or via Facebook. We can use the Facebook public profile and friends list only if the user has specificaly granted access for Tripper Ape Facebook App. We are processing all this information for the sole purpose of facilitating and optimising the use of Tripper Ape. We promise Tripper Ape shall not provide your personal information to any third parties. We will never attempt to charge you for using our website or the additional apps. Tripper Ape will never ask you to provide identification documents, information about your bank accounts, credit cards or any other financial information. OK